Uusi Pc-Check UEFI & Pc-Check v8.07 diagnostiikkaohjelma mahdollistaa UEFI-pohjaisen laitteiston testaamisen ilman käyttöjärjestelmää tai laitteistoajureita. Ohjelmalla on kattavin UEFI- laitteiston testikattavuus ja se antaa kätevät XML-raportit.

Ohjelmapakkauksen sisältö:

  • USB Program Device containing Pc-Check UEFI and Pc-Check
  • Serial Loopback Plugs
  • CDROM Test Disc
  • DVD Test Disc
  • Audio Test Cable
  • Network Loopback Plug
  • USB Extender Cable

HUOM: Pc-Check-ohjelmaa ei voi enää ostaa erillisenä, vaan se sisältyy uuteen Pc-Check® UEFI & Pc-Check®-ohjelmistopakettiin - ks. yllä - edullisella tarjouksella.

Pc-Check continues to provide the greatest test coverage possible, on the widest variety of legacy PC systems, in an OS free, self-booting environment.

Pc-Check® offers you greater support for testing multiple devices regardless of operating systems.

Combine Pc-Check® and Pc-Check® UEFI for the ultimate bare metal testing solution for legacy and new UEFI based PCs all on a single USB stick.

Pc-Check® v8.07 features / The benefits to you:

New Eurosoft Program Device: No need for multiple CDs, now supplied on a USB3 compatible program key increases test coverage and provides a handy location to save test report

New License and activation process: No more activation codes, no need to create personalized media. Simply add the license file to your USB and get your testing up and running quicker.

Enchanced Start up behaviorReduced base memory foot print for booting on a wider variety of systems increasing your test coverage.

Enchanced PCI device identification: Updates to the PCI Device and Vendor database makes it possible to identify and test more PCI devices that was previously possible.

“Fully compatible with UEFI hardware, Pc-Check® UEFI includes Pc-Check® self-boot, providing a testing advantage with both legacy and the latest computers. Unlike other so called “native” UEFI diagnostics, Pc-Check UEFI delivers direct, legacy free hardware testing regardless of BIOS. Independently test hardware – not the drivers – directly accessing essential UEFI components. No operating system in the way – no Linux, no Windows, no secure boot or BIOS interference –only pure UEFI testing in real UEFI mode. Giving you the latest tests you can count on, Pc-Check UEFI masters all UEFI PC problems with state-of-the-art diagnostics that solve testing dilemmas. Pc-Check UEFI finds the hardware faults that other test products can’t or won’t reveal.”

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